MAGICMINE Staffordshire Bull Terriers 

Fun Photo's

Tonka at full stretch at Lure Racing. 


Above photo is of Kirra and her old mate Swazi at the beach


Tonka and Ice


Above photo's are of Ice at 4 months at her first outting down the beach


Above photo's are of Cassie playing under the hose on a hot day. Kirra at the beach having a swim and Cassie doing UD obedience.


Above photo's are Kirra and Tonka down at the beach. Michael having a swim with Kirra. Kirra playing with her busted basketball in the yard and Tonka getting beaten up by the cat Max.


Above photo's are of Tyson and Cassie at Lure Racing. They both love it and Cassie has won Fastest Bitch most times.


Above photo's are of Kirra Lure Racing and Tonka not wanting to give up the Lure. He reckon's it's his and no-one is aloud to have it. 


Above photo's are Kirra and Tonka playing at the beach.  Michael and Tyson in a sack race at our SBTCQ fun day. Tonka at his 1st weightpull competition where he qualified and pulled 284kg.  Michael and Tonka at an obedience trial. 


Above photo's are of Tonka, Kirra & Cassie all playing with a huge stick at the beach.  Kirra having a swim in her shell pool.  Kirra and Cassie standing lovely at the beach. Tonka having a swim and smiling at the same time.


Above photo's of Kirra having a swim and Michael showing Cassie at Wondai in his suit. 


Mother and Son at a weightpull competition. Cassie pulled 184kg and 4th place while Tonka pulled 334kg and 2nd place. 


My favourite picture. This is where we swim the dogs and they love it.



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