MAGICMINE Staffordshire Bull Terriers 

Random Photo's

This page is random shots of our dogs and friends dogs and Tyson.

Above photo is of Cody ( Aust Ch Magicmine My Tys Angel CCD CDX AD RE ) with her 3 kids from her recent litter.
Toula ( Magicmine Dukes Angel ) is missing as she lives on the other side os Australia in WA
Max ( Magicmine Dark Knight )
Tor ( Magicmine Dark Assassin )
Willow ( Magicmine Dark Spirit)

Tyson was our first stafford and is the reason why we fell in love with this wonderful breed. Tyson is 10 years old now and he is a pleasure to live with and we love him to bits and he especially loves the lure days and gained his Westaff Lure Champion Title. No one could beat Tyson when he was younger at Lure racing and he won many ribbons and trophies and his fastest time over the 100m was 7:53secs.  He still loves to run now and is a freak like his house mate Kirra. 

Tyson at 11 n 1/2 yrs old and Sam at nearly 5 months.


Above photo's are of our old boy Tyson.


Above photo's are Michael showing his girl Cassie. Michael and Tonka doing obedience and Tyson.


Above photo's are of Tyson with all his Lure Racing trophies and ribbons and Tyson with goggles on. 



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