MAGICMINE Staffordshire Bull Terriers 

Cute Photo's

Michael and Tonka at 4 weeks of age. 

Above photo is of Cassie with her 3 kids. Tonka, Ice and our newest edition Cody

Dogs sun baking in the sun. Tonka, Kirra, Ice & Cassie.


Above is all our dogs celebrating Kirra's 10th birthday. Love her to bits.


Above photo's are of Tonka and Ice,( Half brother/Half sister).   Cassie and Tonka ( Mum and Son) and Cassie, Tonka and Ice. Her 2 babies



1st photo is Rocky, Cassie and Ice and then Rocky and Ice together. So love this photo. Rocky and Ice were 3 months old in these photo's and Cassie is 5 1/2 yrs old.   Photo's taken by my good friend Reanan at Vannay SBT's


Above photo's. Kirra,Cassie and Max the cat having a cuddle on a cold night. Cassie as a fairy at SBTCQ fun day.  Tonka, Cassie and Kirra down the beach. Mother and son posing for a photo down the beach.


Above photo's of Cassie at 3 months old, Cassie as a Xmas elf , Michael and Cassie as Santa and his elf winning best dressed at our obedience fun day and Cassie all wrapped up for christmas 08. 


Above photo's are of a 3 month old Kirra with her nun ears, A young Kirra & Tyson and Kirra n Max having a cuddle. 


Above photo's of Tyson and Kirra as Xmas reindeers,  Tonka with his teddy he got for his birthday, Tonka at 3 months of age and Tyson giving Tonka a cuddle.


Above photo's are of a 5 week old Tonka,  Tonka giving Tyson hell and Cassie with her only son Tonka having a cuddle.


Above photo's are of Tonka after his first feed. Tyson and Cassie sun baking. Tyson having a lie down and a young Michael playing with Tyson. 

Above photo is of Kirra as a very ugly baby. LOL but my best friend.




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