MAGICMINE Staffordshire Bull Terriers 



Aust Ch Magicmine Dark Knight  CCD RN


2015 Critiques below

SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mr Harry Carter ( Seastaff  UK)

1st State Bred Dog STATE BRED IN SHOW 

B/BBrindle, head shape ok, strong in muzzle and underjaw, correct bite with clean lip, straight front with good bone, good depth of brisket,  well padded feet,  level topline   correct angulation to rear,  moved and handled well.


SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mrs Susan Chesters  ( Yorkstaff  UK)

2nd State Bred Dog 

Black brindle, another lovely standard dog, strong head with distinct stop and pronounced cheek muscles, strong bite, powerful neck  excelling in front and shoulders, level topline , strong driving movement, beautiful shiny coat in good condition, moved and handled well. 



2014 Critiques below:

SBTCQ (CH) Judge : Fred Jones ( Foyleoak UK )


Black Brindle. Good headed dog, clean lipped, dark eye, nice expression, good underjaw, best of fronts, good bone and feet all round, a well developed dog at this stage.


SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mr Roy Day ( Bullred UK )


Seven month old black brindle,  good overall balance with a nice clean head and expression set of by dark eyes and neat ears. Bang on straight front with enough width and bone. Level topline, short coupled, good width to his backend with correct angulation.  Another puppy showing good breed type. Well done and thanks.




Magicmine Indian Spirit 

2016 Critique below

SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mrs Susan Chesters  ( Yorkstaff UK)

3rd Intermediate Bitch 

Black Brindle of top quality and god overall balance, excellent head shape, neat ears,  good bite, straight front,  deep chest, good topline,  short in body, strong hindquarters,  presented in a fit condition, moved and presented well.


Magicmine Black Magic


2016 Critiques below

SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mr Harry Carter  ( Seastaff UK  )

2nd Minor Puppy Bitch 

B/Brindle, head shape ok,  dark enough eye, clean lip, correct bite, straight front,  good pigment, feet ok,  level topline,  correct angulation, Moved and handled well. 


Magicmine Irish Whiskey

( owned by Slirpz Sbt )

2016 Critiques below 


SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mr Harry Carter  ( Seastaff UK)

1st Minor Puppy Dog,  MINOR IN SHOW 

B/Brindle , Neat tidy ears, darkest of eyes, good strength and depth to muzzle, clean lip and correct bite,  good strength in underjaw giving good pigment, correct expression,  straight clean front,  well padded feet,  level topline, strong rear quarters,  moved and handled well. 


SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mrs Susan Chesters  ( Yorkstaff UK  )

1st Minor Puppy Dog,  MINOR IN SHOW 

Black Brindle with white bllaze on chest, attractive puppy, good head, well muscled strong front, tight feet, well balanced throughout,  correct tail carriage, lovely condition,  moved and handled well.  Happy tomaward him BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW





Aust / Neut Ch Magicmine Black Ice CCD CDX RAE JD AD 

2016 Critiques below 

SBTCQ ( CH )Judge : Mr Harry Carter  ( Seastaff UK )

2n Neuter Bitch,  Reserve Neuter Bitch CC

D/Brindle, head shape ok with dark enough eye, clean lip   straight front,  strong backend,  moved and handled well. 


SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mrs Susan Chesters  ( Yorkstaff UK  )

3rd Neuter Bitch 

Brindle, lovely feminine head and expression,  dark round eyes, sound front, well sprung ribs,  level topline,  good tuck up, well angulated rear, well muscled hind quarters and well presented,  moved well.



Neut Ch Magicmine Dark Assassin


2016 Critiques below


SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mr Harry Carter  ( Seastaff UK  )

1st Neuter Dog,  Neuter Dog CC, NEUTER IN SHOW 

B/ Brindle. Cracking head on him, neat ears, dark eye, bite ok, straight front,  well padded feet,  level topline,  strong rear and correct angulation,  Moved and handled 


SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mrs  Susan Chesters  ( Yorkstaff UK  )

2nd Neuter Dog,  Reserve Neuter  DognCC

Black brindle, powerful in both head and body, great alert expression, with dark eyes, strong clean front, leading into a well muscled body ,  moved well from his strong angulated hind quarters, handled very well, just preferred the ears of 1st place,



2015 Critiques below


SBTCQ [CH] Judge: Mrs Caroline Dewar ( Euphemia )
1st Neuter Dog. NEUTER IN SHOW
Handsome topsized blk/br with keen expression and good head. Well made, standing four square. Strong forequarters, well ribbed, level topline and well let down on the rear. Powered on the move.


SBTCQ [CH] Judge: Ms Shirley Gray ( Bullmaple )
1st Neuter Dog. NEUTER IN SHOW
Top size bl. br. Good ring presence. Lovely head shape and finest of ears. Straight front, deep chest, well laid back shoulders, plenty of rib and string powerful rear quarters. Well balanced throughout.



Aust Ch Magicmine My Tys Angel CCD CDX RE JD


2016 Critiques below 


SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mrs Susan Chesters  ( Yorkstaff UK )

1st State Bred Bitch,  STATE BRED IN SHOW

Black Brindle,  in excellent condition throughout, well defined head shape, dark round eyes, good bite, neat ears, giving her expression, straight front,  neat feet, good depth of brisket,  well sprung rib cage, nice tail set, well balanced throughout,  fits the standard well, shown and very well handled.



2015 Critiques below 


SBTCQ [CH] 2015 Judge: Ms Shirley Gray ( Bullmaple)
2nd State Bred Bitch
A similar bitch to one but slightly less muzzle. Similar virtues present so similar comments apply. Good head, sound shoulders, deep rib infact sound throughout and pleasing from all angles. Another good mover.


SBTCQ [CH] 2013 Judge: Mrs G Skelly ( Skellstaff UK) 3rd Intermediate Bitch.
Brindle Bitch, Head feminine not as strong as 1st and 2nd, ampled boned front and legs, light in loin, bent stifle, short coupling, moved OK.



Magicmine Dark And Stormy


2016 Critique Below

SBTCQ ( CH ) Judge : Mrs Susan Chesters  ( Yorkstaff UK  )

Standard, sound black brindle dog, with excellent expression, impressive front , neat feet, well sprung ribs, short coupled body, level topline,  well angulated hind quarters   with well bent stifles, sound movement front and rear, well balanced throughout, moved and presented well.



2015 Critique Below

SBTCQ [CH] 2015 Judge: Ms Caroline Dewar ( Bullmaple )
3rd Minor Puppy Dog.
D Br. Presented in gleaming condition. Another promising minor, strong head with true expression. Short close coat. Clean lines and well balanced throughout.




Aust  Neut Obed Ch Bajed Miss Blackberry AD JD RE


ACT & District Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Inc. [CH]. Mrs S Hemstock ( Jolihem SBT UK ). 3rd Neuter Bitch.
Attractive black brindle in super condition for 9 years. Loved her head and expression. Good front, compact body, correct hindquarter. Moved and handled well


ACT & District Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Inc. [CH]. Judge: Ms T Amos ( Verysharp SBT ). 1st Neuter Bitch. NEUTER IN SHOW.

Blk, Quality bitch at the Veteran stage still possessing breed type with correct blend. Still with a very nice head, dark eye, ears a little open but not high. Good front with good lay of shoulder. Neat, tight feet, short in body with good rear angulation, moved sound. A quality bitch now in the neuter class as a past producer.


SBTCNNSW [CH] 2012 . Judge: Mr Paul Stanway ( Waystaff SBT ) (UK) - 2nd Neuter Bitch

Black Brindle who again is a very nice bitch, just preferred ear carriage on the winner. 

SBTCQ [CH].2011. Judge: Mr Eric Galvin ( Scousious SBT) (UK). 3rd State Bred Bitch

Nice bitch who met her match today with the fitness of the first 2, good head shape, straight front, good bone rib and backend, moved and handled well.


SBTCQ [CH] 2010. Judge: Mrs Griet Croetzer ( Zeracious SBT ) ( Sth Afr). RBCC and State Bred In Show, 1st State Bred Bitch

Smooth Coated, well balanced, of great strength. Head short, deep through with broad skull. Very pronuounced cheek muscles, distinct stop. short foreface. Rose ears little strong. neck muscular, clean in outline gradullly widening towards shoulders. Front legs straight and well boned, set rather wide apart, showing no weakness at the pasterns. Shoulders well laid back. Close-coupled, wide front, deep brisket, well sprung ribs. Hocks well let down with stifles well bent. Legs parallel when viewed from behind.


SBTCQ [CH] 2009. Judge: Mrs Elaine Pearson ( Sundow SBT ) (UK) .3rd State Bred Bitch.

Nice head with dark round eye, distinct stop. Straight front, deep brisket, well sprung ribs and tight feet. Moved and handled well.


SBTCQ [CH ] 2007. Judge: Mrs A Baxter ( Boldhart SBT ) ( Aust) . 1st State Bred Bitch.

Black brindle feminine bitch of correct size. Correct head proportions could have more depth and strength of underjaw,
dark round eye, well set ears and whilst in the standard would prefer a little neater, good bone depth of brisket, well ribbed back,
level topline, good hindquarters. Showed well. STATE BRED IN SHOW.


SBTCNNSW [CH] 2007. Judge: Mrs Laureen Williams ( Jodels SBT ) ( UK). 2nd Open Bitch.

Black brindle liked her shape, expression and bone, just a bit longer than 1, well placed in a strong class.


SBTCQ [CH] 2006. Judge: Ms Tracey Amos ( Verysharp SBT ) 9 Aust). 1st State Bred Bitch.

A lovely type, another I would take home, ideal size for a bitch. Lovely head, ears a little open but didn't take away form her lovely
correct expression, eyes dark and good shape, correct bite, lovely correct front with correct stafford bone, good lay of shoulder with level topline,
another of clean outline with correct substance. Well worthy of becoming a champion. My type of bitch. I would take her home. STATE BRED IN SHOW.


SBTCQ [CH] 2005. Judge: Mr Walter Bore ( Mersyside SBT ) (Aust). 2nd Intermediate Bitch.

A lovely black bitch, dark eyed, good head, nice straight front, level back.


SBTCNNSW [CH] 2005. Judge: Mrs J Smith ( Willowstaff SBT ) ( UK). 3rd Intermediate Bitch.

16 and a half brindle and a close decision between these 3 in a competitive class. Not quite as clean in muzzle as 1 or 2,
another nice type of bitch of good balance with good rear quarters. Didn't move quite as well and not quite as clean fronted.



Aust Ch Magicmine A Pot Of Black CCD CDX RA


SBTCQ [CH] 2015. Judge: Mrs Caroline Dewar ( Euphemia )
2nd Veteran Dog.
Top sized 8 yr old blk/b with obviously a big character! nice typey head of good depth and keen expression, good eye set and neat ears. Straight front with level toplin and well muscled backend. Powered along on the move,


SBCTQ [CH] 2015. Judge: Ms Shirley Gray ( Bullmaple )
Top size solid br. With slight greying at the muzzle - which he's entitled to - and in excellent show condition still. The classic head shape much in evidence with neatest of ears and true expression. Firm body throughout - and moved freely and correctly - a complete credit to his breeder, owners and handler.


SBCTNNSW [CH] 2007. Judge: Mrs Laureen Williams ( Jodels SBT ). 3rd Puppy Dog.
Bigger all over brindle and a shade longer than first 2, he has a nice head shape, neck and bend of stifle.


SBTCQ [CH]. 2013. Judge: Mrs Gillian Skelly ( SKELLSTAFF). 2ND Aust Bred Dog.
Dark Brindle, Neat head giving typical expression, good strength to muzzle, good front and brisket, ample bone, short back, nice bend to stifle, good condition, moved and handled well



Aust Ch Hapustaff Black Magic CDX AD JD

SBTCQ [CH] 2005. Judge: Mr Walter Bore ( Mersyside SBT ). 2nd State Bred Bitch.
Black brindle with white chest. Good condition, Dark eyee, dentition good, well turned stifle.

SBTCQ [CH] 2005. Judge: Mr Bill McKnight ( Belnite SBT ). 2nd State Bred Bitch.
Dark brindle with white. It's easy to write "nice"  she must be having been placed so highly where there are no more than 4 champions behind her. She lacks the sparkle of one BUT possess at the visual niceties that are easily recognized and what determined my show rating of her in the class.






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