MAGICMINE Staffordshire Bull Terriers 

Where Magicmine started

Where it all began for Magicmine



Magicmine Staffords was registered in the year of 2000.

I am joined in the amazing journey with my son Michael and we have strived in every aspect possible.  
It all started when my parents had brought me a brindle stafford by the name of Tyson from a pet shop as a xmas present. He wasnt a pedigree dog but that didnt make him any less of a stafford and part of our family. He was one of the best dogs Id have ever owned with a big heart. He grew up with Michael and was his best friend. He let Michael do anything to him and he just put up with it all and i just loved that about him and the breed so he is the reason why we have the breed today. Tyson competed in handlers competitions which was for dogs without papers and he did extremely well and gained many titles. His love was lure racing and he always won and he was never beaten. I think he was made for running. When i found out you needed papers to show and gain titles i needed a dog with pedigree papers so thats when i heard of a litter through a friend that was born and was 3 weeks old. Im like i need to go visit so my friend took me to see the litter and intorduce me to the breeder and i asked if any where available and they all where so i asked if i could buy one. Lucky the breeder said yes and i picked a little black girl with a white chest sitting in the corner by herself. That day i met my precious girl i named Kirra and she became the best friend i could have ever asked for. Her pedigree name was Hapustaff Black Magic and i was smitten with her. We became the best of friends and excelled in everything we did. She never had babies and she would have died but she was more important to me than having babies. We showed nearly every weekend and did really well. At the Brisbane Royal in 2002 she recieved Bitch Challenge ( BCC) and Runner up Best of Breed ( RUBOB) and she recieved the biggest cheer ever and still remember to this day. She also loved agility and excelled in that. 


I was then after another girl so messaged my friend in north QLD asking if they had any girls for sale and they had 3 so off we go for the 6 hrs drive up north to pick up my new baby but she was to be Michaels girl. I had the pick out of 3 girls and the one i picked loved to cuddle and thats what i wanted for Michael so i picked a black girl and we called her Cassie. She was to become our foundation for our kennels and boy was she amazing. She gave us her all and her kids were stunning. She had 3 litters with only 4 pups but the 4 pups where stunning. All Australian Champions and 1 a BIS in Tahitti. She also had the brains aswell as the looks.  She was the 1st stafford to gain the Australian Obedience Champion title under the new rules.


Her 1st born was Tonka ( Aust Ch Magicmine A Pot Of Black CCD CDX RE) 

2nd born were Ice ( Aust Ch Neut GR Ch Magicmine Black Ice CCD CDX RAE AD JD)

Rocky ( BIS Magicmine Bullet Proof ) exp Tahitti

3rd born was Cody ( Aust/Neut Ch Magicmine My Tys Angel CCD CDX RE AD JDX)

Couldnt have asked for a better bitch to start us off . We lost her just before her 10th birthday in 2014 from a brain tumour. She is now reunited with Kirra, Tyson and her son Tonka. 

We are a family that compete in all sports agility, jumpers, lure coursing, weightpull, obedience, rally o and showing. 
Our litters are born in my bedroom next to me bed and are handled all day everyday from the time they pop out. They are part of the family and sleep on the bed and are NOT KENNEL dogs.  When you purchase one of our babies you become part of the Magicmine family and we are always here to help where needed and welcome babies back for holidays if there owners want to go away on holidays.  We would like to thank all the people who have brought on of our babies for loving and caring for them. 

Contact Details
Paula Hill
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Phone : Please email
Email : [email protected]

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