MAGICMINE Staffordshire Bull Terriers 

Show / Obedience Photo's


Kirra winning Best Desexed in Show at our Stafford Specialty Open Show. 09

Above pic of our Agility Nationals team 2016. They all did very well with passes and Cody ( 3rd stafford) won RUNNER UP NATIONAL CHAMPION JDX300. She was a consistent dog the whole way to the end. All other dogs did very well and so proud of them all.
Taylah - Hapustaff A Pot Of Magic CCD RE
Max - Aust Ch Magicmine Dark Knight RN
Cricket - Calberick Close To The Edge CCD RE
Cody - Aust Ch Magicmine My Tys Angel CCD CDX RE JD
Ice - Aust Ch Magicmine Black Ice CCD CDX RAE AD JD

Above pic of Max winning RDCC, Intermediate in Group under Mrs N Robertson ( RSA ) at Caboolture Kennel Club

Above pic of Max gaining his 1st passes in CCD and Rally O Novice. CCD he scored 98/100 and 1st place and 96/100 and 1st place in Rally O Novice at Sunshine Coast Obedience Club.

Above pic of Cricket gaining her RE Rally excellent title with a socre 0f 97/100 and 1st place at Sunshine Coast Obedience Club.

Above pic of Tor winning BEST NEUTER IN GROUP at the Maree - Beaudesert Kennel Club October fest weekend under Judge: Ms G Goller


Above pics of Max ( 2x 4th places in Intermediate and State Bred )
Mia ( 4th place Minor Bitch )
Buddy ( Minor Puppy in Show - open show, 3rd minor dog Champ show)
Tonka ( 2nd place Veteran, 1st Veteran and Opposite Veteran in Show Champ Show)


Above pic of Tor who won NEUTER IN SHOW in both champ shows

Above pics of Tonka winning OPPOSITE VETERAN IN SHOW and Buddy winning MINOR IN SHOW in the Open Show

Above pics of Turtle and Mia being good girls at the SBTCQ Specialty 2015

Above pic of Mia winning BEST BABY PUPPY IN GROUP under Mrs C Holman ( Borolo SBT )at her 1st show. Her sister Turtle placed 2nd to Mia.


Above pic of Max with Judge Mr V Mihaljcic ( Serbia) winning Best Minor Puppy of breed. The judge also wanted to take Max back with him.

Above pics of Max with all his winnings from the 3 Stafford specialties.

Above pic is Max winning BEST MINOR PUPPY IN GROUP at Mr Gravatt under judge Mr G Mitchinton at 6 months old

Above pic of Max winning BEST BABY PUPPY IN GROUP at the Western Suburbs Kennel Club under Mrs R Gous (R.S.A). The judge wanted to take Max back to South Africa with her.


Above pics are of Cassie winning BEST NEUTER EXHIBIT at our SBTCQ show in 2013 under Mrs Gillian Skelly ( Skellstaff).
1st place in Neuter at the ACTSBTC specialty then she won NEUTER IN SHOW. 
Cassie gaining her NEUTER title and Neuter in group.
Also winning Neuter in group.



Above pic of Tonka winning BEST HEAD at our Sbtcq Specialty Open show 2013 under Mr G Wilshier and Taylah at the ACT specialty 2013

Above photo is of our 2013 State Obedience team. Ice, Cassie, Tonka, Cody and Taylah.


Above pics are of Cassie winning back to back Neuter in Groups and a Veteran in group then winning NEUTER IN SHOW at QKC shows

Cassie winning Best Neuter in Group at Maree Kennel Club Under Mrs D Crofts (NSW)


Cody wins Best Intermediate in Group at Proston Ag Show under Mrs Jane Armayts

Above photo is of Tonka, Cody, Cassie, Taylah and Ice all qualifying in Rally O Advanced and Novice at Nanango All Breeds Dog Obedience Club with Cody gaining her RN title.

Above is Michael and his girl Taylah gaining there 1st pass in CCD with a score of 88/100 and 1st place out of 11 dogs. Not bad for there 1st time in the ring.


Above photo's are of Michael and Taylah winning BCC, BOB, Runner Up in Group & Junior in Group. Cody and I winning Intermediate in Group at Redcliffe Peninsula Kennel Club under Judge: Mrs P Cameron


Above photos of Sooty winning Best MINOR IN GROUP and Taylah winning BCC & JUNIOR IN GROUP under Judge Mr Ken Iggleden


Ice wins NOVICE Dog of the year at our obedience club and also wins the Novice point score with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of QLD


Kirra winning Best Desexed and Tonka winning Best Head at our Stafford Club Open show 2011 under Judge Mrs S Bruno.


Ice winning Novice at the State Obedience Trials held at Durack on the 25/6/11 under judge: Mrs P Fisher (NQ) with a score of 187/200 and her CD TITLE.

Kirra winning BEST NEUTER IN SHOW at Kilcoy Ag Show under Mrs D Smith.

Kirra winning Best Veteran in Group under Mr O Toyakawa (Japan) at the Beaudesert Kennel Club


Above photo's of Ice winning BOB and Junior in group and Kirra winning 3rd place in Veteran Sweepstakes under Mrs M Hickie (NSW) at Gympie & District Kennel Club

Above is Cassie with all her obedience trophies from 05 to 2010. She is now an Australian Obedience Champion.

AOC Aust Ch Bajed Miss Blackberry AD.She has now gained CD, CDX, AD, UD & AOC

Above is Ice winning Minor in Group under Mr D Weil at Maryborough Kennel Club.

Cassie winning RBCC at our SBTCQ Specialty on May the 1st under Mrs Greit Coetzer ( Zeracious RSA)

BCC - Gr Ch Rayonnoire Canny Bairn & RBCC - Aust Ch Bajed Miss Blackberry UD

SBTCQ 2010

Cassie winning Best State Bred in Show and Opposite State Bred in Show was Toplace Man Power owned by Kelli


Above photo's are of Kirra winning Best Desexed in Show and Rocky winning Best Baby in Show at our SBTCQ Open Show held in March 2010. Judges were Mr D McAllister ( Dapmac SBT) and Mrs J Wilshier


Above is Ice winning BEST BABY PUPPY IN GROUP at Bundaberg Canine Club Inc under Judge: Ms C Kingston (NSW)


Above photo's are of Tonka winning his first BEST IN GROUP under Mr J Lowbridge at Hervey Bay Kennel Club

Above photo is of Tonka ( Magicmine A Pot Of Black CCD CDX ), Cassie ( Aust Ch Bajed Miss Blackberry UD ) & Kirra ( Aust Ch Hapustaff Black Magic CDX AD JD ) doing very well at a recent trial at Logan All Breeds Dog Obedience Club. Tonka gained his CDX (open) title with a score of 183/200 and a 2nd place. Cassie scored 176NQ and 1st place. She would have had her 3rd pass towards her OC pass if she didnt sit on her stand for exam. She would have got 186 points but lost 10 because she sat. Kirra won the Veteran Trial with 93/100 and a 1st place also. We are very proud of all the kids and there great sucess at that trial.



Above photo's are of 

Cassie ( Ch Bajed Miss Blackberry UD )  (1st & 3rd photo's) winning State Bred in Show at Specialty 06, (2nd photo) winning Best in Trial and Highest in Trial at restricted Stafford Trial 07, 

(4th photo) winning 3rd place and pass in UD at State QLD Trials 09, (5th photo) winning 3rd place in UD and Encouragement Award, (6th photo) winning 3rd place at the Royal QLD Show 08 and gaining her UD title with 179/200 points. 


Above photo's are of

Kirra ( Ch Hapustaff Black Magic CDX AD JD ) (1st photo) winning Best Opposite Sex Veteran in Show 09, (2nd photo) winning Open obedience dog of the year 08 and in ( 3rd photo) winning Best Opposite Sex Veteran in Show 08. 


Above photo's are of

Tonka ( Magicmine A Pot Of Black CCD CDX ) winning Baby in Group at his 1st day and Tonka winning Best of Breed at durack 08.


Above photo's are of 

Tonka getting his CCD title with Michael, ( 2nd photo ) winning CD Novice and Tonka with all his ribbons and his CD title in Novice.



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